I still don’t know why anyone would want the TV above the fireplace but…

Hardware needed to mount your TV on the wall comes in two varieties, flush mount and full motion. It seems no two brackets are the same, and “flush” are hardly that. Most actually have some inclination adjustment so they can tilt forward, especially helpful when hanging high on the wall like above your fireplace. Full motion usually tilt as well but can be turned to a wide variety of angles. Sometimes they can be rotated to portrait, like the one I use here at my desk for my monitor.

Demonstration of full motion mount

They also allow easy access to connections so new devices can be easily added. A quick note on wire fishing, we don’t do it, mostly because I don’t think life is that permanent, and the payoff is limited as there are simple solutions  that can be easily installed and painted to color and are way more versatile. Additionally new “service”, outlets, 110-240v wires require a licensed electrician and the outside casing of many power cords do not meet code for use inside walls. Plus most new homes here in the Seattle area already wired for TVs.

Zip Code

Customers often ask me for recommendation but the brand I used to prefer has a new design I do not like, you can see my comment on this in the video below. Just remember the old adage you get what you pay for. I bought a flush mount once at a grocery store for a bargain price that was obviously made of thinner steel, yet was still adequate for the task.

Flush mounts are much easier to install as they can be installed on drywall with a variety of easy to find anchors, I prefer these and often some are included with the mount. Full motion on the other hand have to be secured to studs.

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